process and system change

How To Implement Process And System Change To Boost Your Profits

“There’s a way to do it better – find it” Thomas. A. Edison

As your business grows your customer experience will be impacted when

– your team struggling to cope with increasing workloads

– bottlenecks allow employees to create their own sub processes and workarounds 

When teams struggle, staff morale falls, absenteeism and staff turnover increases, the quality and delivery of your service levels fall and customers buy elsewhere.

When workloads increase staff normally ask for more people and whilst sometimes this is the right fix, it is not always.

Recruitment costs are high and it takes time to recruit and train new employees.

So, this is when it is a good time to review your processes and systems to see if they are still fit for purpose or need to change. Take a look at new technology which could save you time and money AND improve your customer experience.

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