Client-Centric Organisation

How To Build A Client-Centric Organisation So Your Business Grows

” Customer Service shouldn’t be a department, it should be the entire company” – Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappo

How many of your customers are loyal to your business?

If the answer is ‘ it could be more’  then is your business doing enough to keep customers engaged and is your whole team dedicated to working as one in delivering the best customer experience? Or, is it simply left to your sales department?

Research from Deloitte Touche (July 2017) shows that customer-centric organisations are on average 60% more profitable compared to non-customer focused businesses

Customers will be loyal to those brands who they trust and enjoy the experience of buying from., meaning  businesses have to work harder, continually changing  and adapting  to keep their customers but when you get it right, the rewards are high!

By investing in the experience you give your customers they will;


continually buy the initial product/service from you

buy other products and services from you

recommend you through to their friends, family and colleagues


Successful businesses of the future will not be organised by divisions and siloes but according to the journey the customer takes with them in the Customer Economy.

 There are big businesses who already have successfully done this like Apple, Microsoft and Zoom but SMEs are more easily adaptable and flexible to make the change.  

 SMEs who do become a client-centric organisation will be able to more easily differentiate themselves to their potential customers,  employees and enjoy long term growth.

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