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How To Create a Winning Business Culture

“The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking, it cannot be changed without changing our thinking” Albert Einstein

The 2020 pandemic has caused the vast majority of businesses to make change for survival during the lockdown, whether that be via enabling 49.2% of the adult workforce to work from home (Source: Office National Statistics), sell their services to the 46% of customers now buying on-line (Source: Marketing Week) and even offering advice and services free of charge.

Even the most traditional of businesses and other resistors of change are now recognising that whilst it was forced on them, it is not perhaps as scary as they thought and the proven upsides of reduced office costs, increased staff retention, environmental benefits, higher morale and a wider talent pool means these changes are likely to stay.

So, if businesses are going to move from survival mode to growth as the wider economy re-opens and adapts to the evident changes in consumers attitudes, priorities and behaviours adopted during the lockdown, what do they have to do?

3 steps to creating a winning culture


1.        Engage with their employees – listen to, empower and trust their teams to think correctly under pressure (T-CUP) so they meet their objectives

2.        Embrace and adopt new technology -adapt and improve systems and processes to lower their operating costs, provide a more efficient level of customer experience and improve their cashflow

3.        Engage with their customers  have 2-way dialogue with their customers to learn how and on what their priorities to buy have changed and then adapt their product or service and method for providing this.

Every businesses’ ability and speed of change will very much be based on its culture and if change is encouraged.

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